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New in the CHR sector

If you’ve ever wondered why cocktails served in the trendiest bars tend to taste so better, the answer might not lie in the contents of the glass, but in the glass itself. A perfectly cleaned, sanitized and refrigerated glass helps keep drinks colder longer, eliminates unpleasant residual odors and enhances drink flavors.

To improve the taste, THRILL is the ideal solution because not only does it disinfect glasses thoroughly, but it cools them instantly, allowing for a truly unique tasting experience!
You will amaze your customers with its efficiency but also with its originality.

Thrill is a real revolution in the way of serving and enjoying beer, wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks of all kinds. It can disinfect and frost all types of glass.
It is easily transportable thanks to its long-lasting battery.

In bars today

Ice maker and freezer for cooling glasses.
The results of the analyzes showed little attention to the hygienic conditions of manufacture and storage of ice used in the preparation of drinks, in cafes and restaurants.
The massive presence of bacteria harmful to health (with values ​​exceeding 150 times the legal limits) confirms the poor quality of the ice cream.

Cleaning and hygiene:

Icemakers: Sometimes they are not cleaned regularly. This promotes the spread of dirt and bacteria.

The ice should be taken from the ice maker and placed in another container using the ice scoop for storage.
This container, placed on the counter, must be protected from possible sources of contamination, which is not always possible.

  • In-depth sanitation and disinfection
  • The absence of unpleasant odors and aftertaste that other traditional systems cannot eliminate at the expense of product quality
  • The guarantee that the drink is not diluted because it is a dry treatment
  • Low management costs

Microbial reduction in drink glasses by liquid carbon dioxide.

Organisme introduit Non traité Traité
Salmonella enteritidis 9 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 88 %)
Staphylococcus aureus 6 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 83 %)
Escherichia coli 8 x 102 < 1 x 102 (> 87 %)
Penicillium nalgiovense 2 x 102 1 x 102 (> 83%)
Listeria innocua 5 x 104 1 x 103 ( 80 %)
Pseudomonas putida 3 x 105 1 x 105 (> 66 %)
Brettanomyces bruxellensis 23 x 102 < 1 x 102 (50%)


THRILL can be used with glasses and glass and plastic food containers. The glasses can be of all sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.

Size Sanitation & refreshment Sanitation & icing
Small 2 sec / 1 SHOT 4 sec / 2 SHOT
Way 3 sec / 1 SHOT 6 sec / 2 SHOT
large 3 sec / 1 SHOT 9 sec / 3 SHOT
Very large 5 sec / 1 SHOT 15 sec / 15 SHOT

The THRILL advantages

Low CO2 consumption

4g per second (-50% compared to competitors)

Antifreeze patent

Without breaks or interruptions for several hours

Rechargeable battery

Battery life of 7 days (in standard use)

Woow effect

Eye-catching design

Option ERT

To connect 8 or 12 meter extension cords

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